Misheel Kids Foundation provides much needed dental care for a rolling count of more than 700 vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Mongolia, primarily at seven orphanages and daycare centers based in Ulaanbaatar.


Saraas Horse Trek Mongolia is proud to donate 20% of the tariff from this trek to support  Misheel Kids Foundation, bringing a brighter smiles to children, by oral health education and fully dental treatment to 7 different Orphanages and Day Care Centres in the Ger District area of Ulaanbaatar.

20 July – 23 September 2021

The Great Mongolian Ride 2021


10 day sections
or 10 week expedition
20 July – 23 September 2021

Horse Riding

50 km on horse a day
Whole ride: 3000 km

Riding ability

Depending on 10 day section!
Whole 10 week challenge: very good condition and experience of riding long distances


Fully supported by vehicle.
Accompanied by a doctor.
Emergency satellite phone

A one of a kind adventure to help kids

Misheel Kids Foundation provides much needed dental care for a rolling count of more than 700 vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Mongolia, primarily at seven orphanages and daycare centers in Ulaanbaatar.

Misheel Kids Foundation is the sole beneficiary of this Charity Ride, receiving 20% of proceeds.

Choose your options

10 Day Sections

Whole Ride

  • Per 10 Day Section

    Start 1. Group on 20.07.2021
    Start 2. Group on 31.07.2021
    Start 3. Group on 11.08.2021
    Start 4. Group on 22.08.2021
    Start 5. Group on 02.09.2021
    Start 6. Group (for 11 days) on 13.09.2021, last stage until september 23, 2021

    Includes: 10 days riding, transport to start of section and back to Ulaanbaatar. All meals, camping equipment, horses.

    $ 420 per day
    (complete $ 4.200)
  • Whole Ride

    20. July 2021 – 23. September 2021

    Includes: 61 riding days (non riding days are free), transport to the start point and from the end point to Ulaanbaatar. All meals, camping equipment, horses.

    $ 300 per day
    (complete $ 18.300)


We have prepared 6 sections where riders can join this epic adventure. Each section is different and offers a unique chance to see remote Mongolia. There are limited spaces for each section, so please book according to your desired dates as soon as possible.

In every section there will be a chance to see the real Mongolia, enjoy time with nomads, seeing large herds of animals roaming freely on the steppe, and riding your horses freely like generations of Mongolian’s have done for centuries. 

Each section has its challenges, whether it be a river crossing or a mountain pass. However, every day you will see beauty unlike anything in Europe; the landscapes in Mongolia are so huge and the sky so wide you have to experience it yourself. 

Team 1: 20.07.2021 to 30.07.2021
Starting in the high Altai Mountains, and continuing along the Khovd river and past Achilt Lake. The first 4 days are mountainous and tricky riding, but with the chance to visit Eagle hunters. High altitude! Then beautiful scenery with red rock, green steppe, fresh water and salt lakes. Scenery like the moon! Herds of horses, yak and camel are abundant.

Team 2: 31.07.2021 to 10.08.2021
From Khyargaan Lake to the rich Khangai Mountain Range. A very diverse and varied 10 days, through areas of Desert, small mountains and lots of lakes and some green forests. Picturesque landscapes. Herds of horses, sheep, yaks and nomadic families.

Team 3: 11.08.2021 to 21.08.2021
Central Mongolia, from the Khangai Mountain Range to Kharkhorin. Varied and diverse picturesque landscapes. Green rolling steppe, sand dunes, forests, mountains and rivers. Kharkhorin, the location of the ruins of the ancient capital city of the Mongol Empire, founded by Genghis Khan, now home to Erdene Zuu Monastery. Herds of sheep, goats and horses in abundance. Best for riders on a tight schedule as transfer drive times to start and from the end point are shorter.

Team 4: 22.08.2021 to 01.09.2021
Central Mongolia, again very varied landscapes from green rolling steppe, to sand dunes and desert with the first herds of Gazelle, small mountains and beautiful river valleys. Picturesque landscapes. Herds of horses, sheep and goats and many nomadic families. Best for riders on a tight schedule.  

Team 5: 02.09.2021 to 12.09.2021
Eastern Mongolia, the homeland of Genghis Khan. Untouched and picturesque landscapes with many herds of horses. Good for those who are interested in history. Green rolling steppe, very open large valleys and small mountains and wide rivers.

Team 6: 13.09.2021 to 23.09.2021 (11 days)
The final group will have the most remote and adventurous section! Wide open grass lands, passing the huge Buir lake, teeming with gazelle and antelope. Ending in Khalkhgol Sum on the border with China, after 3050 km. This area is the most unexplored in Mongolia and very few travelers have been here!

Please note: This schedule is subject to change at any time.

Weather conditions in Mongolia are often unpredictable. Flexibility and endurance are thus essential for a horseback riding.

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