Misheel Kids Foundation provides much needed dental care for a rolling count of more than 700 vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Mongolia, primarily at seven orphanages and daycare centers based in Ulaanbaatar.


Saraas Horse Trek Mongolia is proud to donate 20% of the tariff from this trek to support  Misheel Kids Foundation, bringing a brighter smiles to children, by oral health education and fully dental treatment to 7 different Orphanages and Day Care Centres in the Ger District area of Ulaanbaatar.

01.07.2024 - 12.07.2024

Nadaam Trek


12 days / 11 nights
01.07.2024 - 12.07.2024

Horse Riding

20 – 30 km / max. 4-5 hours
on horse a day

Riding ability

Suitable for absolute beginners and advanced riders


Heinig (half cow / half yak) cart supported, overnight in a yurt (cold weather) or in tents.

$ 2500 (USD)

excl. tips, personal expenses, insurance, visa


Your riding tour will support the work of the Misheel Kids Foundation


Day 1: 

Meet at Araybayal Monastery in beautiful Terelj National Park. Monastery visit and ride to our base camp

Day 2 :

Ride to the Mini Naadam where we might get to see our host Baagii’s horse racing in the traditional 18km race; we will also enjoy an up close look at wrestling, archery and local culture

Day 3: 

Ride across the steppe and camp by the Tuul River; bonfire by the river

Day 4: 

Spend the night at Bor Springs

Day 5: 

Dismantle Ger and load it on the Heinig Cart; ride to north of Erdene

Day 6: 

Ride to and around 13th century village; performance by Mongolian horse head fiddle or throat singing

Day 7: 

Experience life as it was in the time of Chinggis Khan at the 13th century village across a stunning ride with  gorgeous expansive views and wonderful ridge ride

Day 8: 

Visit to a local family and the famous 5th century Turkic Rune stones

Day 9: 

Ride from the Rune Stones through the small sand dunes and the famed shaman site

Day 10: 

From the sand valley at the 100 Wood to the Chingis Khan Statue & Museum; visit the statue and go back the camp transport to your hotel will be provided

Day 11 – 12: 

Visit to the Traditional Nadaam Festival in Ulaanbaatar

Route subject to change without notice depending on a variety of factors.

Get a chance to not only travel the incredible vistas and dramatic mountains that surround our home base, but also see the traditional life of Mongolians from the time of Chinggis Khan to the present and experience  something that few tourists ever get to – an up close and personal look at the local version of the grandest of all Mongolian spectacles – the celebration of the three manly arts – Naadam!

Each day will be 4-5 hours of horseback riding plus an outstanding cultural event. We’ll have a heinig cart close by for those of you who need a break from the saddle from time to time.

On arrival you will be gifted with a Deel, a traditional Mongolian long coat, and taught how to wear it like a local – both on and off the horse. Your first night you will spend with a local family where you will get to see in action the lifestyle that has remained virtually unchanged for the past thousands of years.

Sleeping in a ger erected specially for you in the wilderness, then, in the morning, taking it down and loading it onto a heinig cart and seeing what nomadic Mongolian life is really like.

Trying your hand at cow & mare milking and learning how to make traditional Mongolian dairy products

The 13th Century Village, is an interactive museum set out on the wild Mongolian Steppe which consists of 6 “villages” each about 3 km apart which illustrate all facets of life in the time of Chinggis Khan. Ride from village to village learning about religion, war, army, artistry in the time of Chinggis Khan. Dinner there will be a wonderful traditional meal in a replica of the King’s Ger of Chinggis Khan.

Experiencing the famous Mongolian Gobi Desert as you ride across a “mini-Gobi” and visit the “100 Wood”  – the  sacred remnant of what was once a great forest stretching across the Mongolian steppe.


With your booking you support underprivileged children in Mongolia. 20% of the proceeds from your booked horseback riding tour will benefit the Misheel Kids Foundation. Learn more: Misheel Kids Foundation

We highly recommend arranging an annulation or travel cancellation insurance.

Scope of services:
All food & drink (alcohol extra), horses, tack, guide, accommodation (tent/ ger) entrance to Chinggis Khan Statue, 13th century Interactive Cultural Museum, welcome Deel, Heinig Cart experience, a day at a traditional Naadam, entry tickets to the big city Naadam (Jul. 11 & 12) and return airport transfers

Not included services:
– tips
– personal expenses
– insurance
– visa

Please note: This schedule is subject to change at any time.

Weather conditions in Mongolia are often unpredictable. Flexibility and endurance are thus essential for a horseback riding.