Misheel Kids Foundation provides much needed dental care for a rolling count of more than 700 vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Mongolia, primarily at seven orphanages and daycare centers based in Ulaanbaatar.


Saraas Horse Trek Mongolia is proud to donate 20% of the tariff from this trek to support  Misheel Kids Foundation, bringing a brighter smiles to children, by oral health education and fully dental treatment to 7 different Orphanages and Day Care Centres in the Ger District area of Ulaanbaatar.

14.07.2024 - 26.07.2024

Eagle hunter and Mountain Glacier Trek


Special Offer Trek
Tavon Bogduul National Park


13 days / 12 nights
14.07.2024 - 26.07.2024

Horse Riding

combination of car, horse-riding and hiking

Max. Altitude

Maltsehin Uul Mountain
4104 MSL

$ 4500 (USD)

excl. tips, personal expenses, insurance, visa


Your riding tour will support the work of the Misheel Kids Foundation


1. Day: Flight from Ulaanbaatar to Bayan Olgii

Flight duration with a direct flight about 3 ½ h. Arrival in Bayan Olgii, check-in at the Hotel, possibly shopping and city sightseeing. Depending on the flight we may be able to go to the White River where we camp.

2. Day: First Base Camp of the National Park Tavon Bogduul

 Drive of 5 to 6 hours by car on a dirt road through beautiful mountain and river landscapes (Tsaagangool river/white river) until we reach the second base camp at 3000 meters. Overnight stay in our tent’s.

3. Day: Ascend of the Maltsehin Uul Mountain to the second Base Camp

Around 5 am, begin of the ascend of the Maltsehin Uul Mountain with a Mongolian mountain guide. Duration of the hike around 7 to 8 hours. We have to add one additional day due to varying weather conditions. Overnight stay in a tent at the second base camp at 3000 m.

4. or 5. Day: Horse riding back to the first Base Camp

Late morning, horse ride to the green lake and back to the first base camp at 2500m. Overnight stay at the first base camp in tent’s

5. or 6. Day: Start the 5-day horse trek to the lakes with Camel transport

10. or 11 . Day: Drive to the Eagle Hunters

Visit at the Eagle Hunters and Lunch/ or Dinner at the eagle hunter family. Driving back to Bayn Olgii ca 1-hour car drive.

11. or 12. Day: Car drive back to Bayan Olgii

Possible site-seeing of the city, and buying of souvenirs. Overnight stay in a Hotel.

12. or 13. Day: Fight back to Ulaanbaatar

The flight may be postponed due to weather conditions, therefore the flight out of Mongolia cannot immediately follow the day after the trek.


With your booking you support underprivileged children in Mongolia. 20% of the proceeds from your booked horseback riding tour will benefit the Misheel Kids Foundation. Learn more: Misheel Kids Foundation

– 5 Days of Horse Riding with Mongolian Crew
– 2 overnight stays in a Hotel in Bayan Olgii
– Flight ticket to and from Bayan Olgii
– 3 Meals per day (Vegetarian meals possible on request)
– German & English-speaking travel guide

Not included:
– Tipps
– Insurance
– Personal expenses

Please note: This schedule is subject to change at any time.

Weather conditions in Mongolia are often unpredictable. Flexibility and endurance are thus essential for a horseback riding.

This astonishing once in a lifetime experience will include flights to and from far western Mongolia along with car transportation from the airport to the beginning of the trek. Travel is expected to take 2 days each way and riders will have to arrive approx. 2 days early in Ulaanbaatar as flight schedules are often subject to change. 

Upon arrival at our base, we will have 5 or 6 days of riding through some of the most stunning and pristine wilderness and along glittering, crystal clear lakes. Along the way, we will be visiting with the original Eagle Hunters families where we will have an Eagle Flying demonstration. Please note that this is subject to change based on the health and strength of the Eagles.

As part of this epic adventure, in addition to one of the most stunning rides on the planet, we will have 1 day of hiking to the very top of “The Heart of Mongolia”, the tallest peak in Mongolia, Altai Tavan Bogd where the borders of Russia, China, and Mongolia meet. This is a challenging hike and those wishing not to take part are welcome to remain at the base camp for a rest day.

Please note that we can recommend accommodation in Ulaanbaatar prior to the trek but as there is a wide variety of accommodation levels and standards, the tariff for the Western Mongolia Adventure does not include food or accommodation in Ulaanbaatar prior to the trek.