About Saraa's Horse Trek Mongolia

Saraa’s Horse Trek Mongolia was founded by Saraa and her husband Baagii. As local horse herding family and horse trekking experts they have been organizing horse treks and expeditions for over 20 years all across Mongolia. With their team of local guides and operators Saraa’s Horse Trek Mongolia is your best choice for exploring Mongolia on a horse back.

Meet the Team

Saraa<br>Owner & Operator
Owner & Operator
Baagii<br>Owner & Operator
Owner & Operator
Zulaa<br>Co-Owner & Operator
Co-Owner & Operator
Saikhnaa<br>Co-Owner & Operator
Co-Owner & Operator
Bayraa<br>Co-Owner & Operator
Co-Owner & Operator
Lhagvaa<br>Main Guide
Main Guide
Sumbeea<br>Main Guide
Main Guide
Tsolmon<br>Main Guide
Main Guide
Tsengel<br>Main Guide
Main Guide
Gaby<br>Management & Communication
Management & Communication

The organizers of the Great mongolian Ride

The Great Mongolian Ride is being organized by Mrs. Gabriella Schmidt-Corsitto, Gaby to her friends, jointly with Saraa and Baagii, a local horse herding family and horse trekking experts.

The Ride is the dream of Gaby and has come about through her years of passionate riding and exploring of Mongolia on horseback with Saraa and Baagii. Gaby herself has been riding horses since she was a child, and now, at the age of 55, she feels more at home in the saddle than out.

Saraa’s Horse Trek Mongolia | Horse Trekking in Mongolia
a local horse herding family and horse trekking experts

Saraa and Baagii

Saraa and Baagii have been organizing and running horse treks and expeditions for over 20 years all across Mongolia. Their home base, Saraa’s Ger Camp and Horse Treks is famous among expat and visiting equestrians in Mongolia for providing excellent service and thrilling horse riding experiences.

Misheel Kids Foundation | Gabriella Schmidt-Corsitto
Founder of Misheel Kids Foundation and passionate rider


Gaby is the Founder of the Mongolian Dental Health Charity, Misheel Kids Foundation, and she has actively been raising funds and providing oral hygiene education and overseeing quality treatments for vulnerable children since the formation of the charity in 2016.

The beneficiary

Misheel Kids Foundation is the sole beneficiary of this Charity Ride, receiving 20% of proceeds.

Misheel Kids Foundation provides much needed dental care for a rolling count of more than 700 vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Mongolia, primarily at seven orphanages and daycare centers based in Ulaanbaatar.

The Foundation works as a facilitator and sponsor between the orphanages and specially selected dentists and dental clinics, providing annual check-ups, full sponsorship for treatment, follow up examinations and repeat treatment, if necessary. The backbone of the Foundation is providing fun and engaging oral hygiene education and preventative education aimed at children and their careers bringing brighter smiles to children in Mongolia. The Foundation also engages in an annual rural outreach project to remote areas in Mongolia’s outlying regions. The last two years have seen successful projects engaging the Tsaatan, or Reindeer herder community, and local Mongolian communities in the far North of Mongolia. In 2019 the dental team treated almost 350 patients, including children, in 6 days, who would not otherwise have been able to reach dental help. The project includes oral hygiene education at local schools and boarding houses and the provision of toothbrushes and toothpaste for the children of the community.

Misheel Kids Foundation relies on private, corporate and minimal government sponsorship to provide its services to the vulnerable children of Mongolia. All sponsorship and donations go to providing good quality dental treatment and education for children. The Foundation is run on a voluntary basis by its Founders and Board Members. 

For more information about our BENEFICIARY, please visit: www.misheel-kids-foundation.com or contact Gaby directly for a chat.

Saraa' Ger Camp and Horse Treks Mongolia

Saraa’s Ger Camp and Horse Trek Mongolia

Gabriella Schmidt-Corsitto
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