About Saraa's Horse Trek Mongolia

Saraa’s Horse Trek Mongolia was founded by Saraa and her husband Baagii. As a local horse herding family and horse trekking specialists, they have been organizing horse treks and expeditions throughout Mongolia for over 20 years. With their team of local guides and operators, Saraa’s Horse Trek Mongolia is the first choice to explore Mongolia on horseback.

Meet the Team

Saraa<br>Owner & Operator
Owner & Operator
Baagii<br>Owner & Operator
Owner & Operator
Zulaa<br>Co-Owner & Operator
Co-Owner & Operator
Saikhnaa<br>Co-Owner & Operator
Co-Owner & Operator
Bayraa<br>Co-Owner & Operator
Co-Owner & Operator
Lhagvaa<br>Main Guide
Main Guide
Sumbeea<br>Main Guide
Main Guide
Tsolmon<br>Main Guide
Main Guide
Gaby<br>Management & Communication
Management & Communication
Saraa's Horse Trek Mongolia | Horse Trekking in Mongolia

Saraa and Baagii

Saraa and Baagii have been organizing and leading horse treks and expeditions throughout Mongolia for over 20 years. Their company, Saraa's Ger Camp and Saraa's Horse Trek Mongolia, is widely known for excellent service and exciting horseback riding experiences and enjoys an excellent reputation. Expats living in Mongolia as well as foreign riding guests rely on the long experience of this local horse herding family for their horse adventure.

Misheel Kids Foundation | Gabriella Schmidt-Corsitto


Gaby has been riding since childhood and feels nowhere more comfortable than on the back of a horse. Together with Saraa and Baagii she organizes and accompanies horse trekking tours all over Mongolia, where she has been living for several years. She is also the founder of the Misheel Kids Foundation, which works to improve the dental health of underprivileged Mongolian children. In 2022, Gaby realized a big dream with the "Great Mongolian Ride": With 13 riding guests, she crossed the whole of Mongolia during 64 days on what is probably the longest charity ride in the world. 3200 kilometers from west to east on horseback. 20 percent of the proceeds went to the Misheel Kids Foundation.

The beneficiary

20% of the proceeds from your booked horseback riding tour will benefit the Misheel Kids Foundation. The foundation provides tooth brushing instructions and carries out free dental treatments in eight local orphanages and day care centers in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. This benefits over 900 underprivileged children. With its mobile dental clinics, Misheel Kids Foundation provides free dental care in the remote, rural areas of Mongolia and in the Ger-districts of Ulaanbaatar to over 3000 children annually who otherwise would not have access to or cannot afford dental treatment.

For more information about our beneficiary, please visit: www.misheel-kids-foundation.com or contact Gaby directly for a chat.

Saraa' Ger Camp and Horse Treks Mongolia

Saraa’s Ger Camp and
Saara’s Horse Trek Mongolia

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