Discover Mongolia on horseback!


Traditional nomadic culture. Legendary history. Real adventure. Breathtaking landscapes. Last intact equestrian culture on the planet. Wild przwalski horses. Traditional festivals. Mongolia offers all this – you can experience it with us … on horseback.

Trekking with Baagii and his excellent guides means becoming part of the family and having the unique chance to dive deep into the fascinating culture and history of the country. You will explore breathtaking natural landscapes that the family has known for generations and get an authentic insight into nomadic life while visiting friends in the neighborhood.

Enjoy the view from your tent or ger into the endless expanse, gallop on horseback through the steppe like Dschingis Khan once did and take a trip back in time on the tracks of the Silk Road. All this while soaking up the peaceful energy of one of the world’s last equestrian cultures. 

The most experienced and best local family business for traditional horseback riding tours in the whole Mongolia!

The Great Mongolian Ride

In the summer of 2022, 13 female riders took part in what is probably the longest charity ride in the world, the “Great Mongolian Ride”, raising money for the Misheel Kids Foundation. In 64 days, the unique ride organized by Saraa’s Horse Trek Mongolia led across the entire country, 3200 kilometers from west to east over high mountains and through endless steppe.

Our commitment

20% of the proceeds from your booked horseback riding tour will benefit the Misheel Kids Foundation. The foundation provides tooth brushing instructions and carries out free dental treatments in eight local orphanages and day care centers in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. This benefits over 900 underprivileged children. With our mobile dental clinics, we provide dental care in the remote, rural areas of Mongolia and in the Ger district of Ulaanbaatar to over 3000 children annually who otherwise would not have access to or cannot afford dental treatment.